Bussiness and organisations often want to include some animation into their website and they have to consider some important things. Compatability is a big issue, websites are often view on different devices and animations that are compatible on a computer may not be compatible with a mobile phone. Bussiness should choose formats such as GIFs which are compatible with a wide range of devices. For the same reasons, the size of an animation has to be considered, they should be large enought to be easily view on a computer monitor but also small enought to be view on a mobile device.

When sending animations by e-mail the are different, but similar, things to consider. Often the size of files that can be attached to an e-mail is restricted (normally 25Mb), this means that you will be unable to send larger files. Using file size reduction methods like auto croping and frame disposal to reduce the file size. Again you will also need to consider compatability, the person you are e-mailing may not have the correct software to run particular formats.


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